♫♪  James Ferraro - Human Story 3 (Official Trailer 3)

                         is concerned with improvements in a variety of human and organizational problem-solving endeavors, through the design, development, and use of                         -based systems and processes that enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of                          in a variety of strategic, tactical, and operational situations. Ideally, this is accomplished through critical attention to the                          needs of humans in problem-solving tasks and the provision of                          aids, including electronic communication and computer-based systems of hardware and software and associated processes.                          complements and enhances traditional engineering through emphasis on the                          basis for engineering.

James Ferraro is self-releasing his new album Human Story 3 on June 14 via Bandcamp. He calls it “a musing on hyper individualism and the marketability of neotenous plastics.” Pre-order it here.

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