♫♪  Kanye West - “Wolves” ft. Vic Mensa & Sia

Dawning upon the 8:20 mark of this video is the newest track “Wolves” (featuring TMT favorites Vic Mensa and Sia) from Kanye West’s upcoming album. And I’ve never felt so conflicted like this before at 9AM. All at once, I’m thinking Sia is super talented but stifled, then Kanye rips through that what’s radio acceptable realm by featuring her and Vic Mensa into the RICH PEOPLE radio realm. However, my conflict is not involved with how creatively artistic you can get publicly, but… wait— in what fashion is “Wolves” being presented within? Who’s talking at the beginning about how a brand helps them inspire their right brains? Like, and where the fuck is Boychild?

If the Drake drop didn’t leave a steamer between your nips, then how about a bit of Kanye pre-Valentine’s Day? What’s better than knowing Kanye thinking you’re cool (but really a CHUMP) for purchasing his clothes? Grip one of his sleek modern Amish underwears and/or trench shrouds. Find ‘em at Marshall’s or TJ Maxx in a half year. Feel shielded by the P.O.W.E.R.


• Kanye West: http://www.kanyewest.com
• Vic Mensa: http://www.savemoneyworldwide.com
• Sia: http://siamusic.net

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