♫♪  Kiki Kudo - “City Neo Neon”

Alright here it is:

It’s like, a factory for Hershey’s Kisses. Those exist, you know. Think about it.

It’s like, that moment when you crack an egg and a little of the clear liquid (that, that’s the egg white) gets on your thumb, but the pan’s hot already, and there’s not a second to waste before the oil gets too hot, so you just rub it on your jeans, it’s not much anyway, then reach for the next egg, you’re frying two after all. Not a second to waste.

It’s like, I’ve never made blue Jell-O, but if I had, I would tell you that the way it refracts the refrigerator light makes you wonder, standing there at 2 AM, staring into the cool fluorescence, if you should just leave it there forever as a decoration, because it’s really pretty, especially the way it jiggles, and it matches the cold hue of the fridge bulb.

It’s like, you’ve never used a can-opener you actually liked, maybe because the one in your drawer, the one with the faded Rubbermaid logo and a peeling yellow price sticker still on its handle, is sticky and slightly rusted, because all can-openers are sticky and slightly rusted, maybe they are designed that way? You make a mental note to always buy cans with a pop-top.

Do you hear that? Listen: it’s Kiki Kudo with a new track taken off her recent Splashing EP out via Incienso. In fact, here’s the music video animated by Brian Close. Get cookin’.

Stream/purchase the full EP here. See you in the kitchen:

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