♫♪  Killah Priest - “Quantum Spirit of Creation”

Like Alan Moore or Lobomyr Melnyk, Walter Reed aka Killah Priest possesses the freakish kind of talent that would have gotten him burned at the stake as a warlock, had he been born to demonstrate it just a century or two prior. Thankfully, the “Quantum Spirit of Creation” delivered him to our time instead of an earlier epoch. Then again, while this analogy may succeed in beginning to illustrate the magnitude of Reed’s ability, it fails in that it betrays the potential of such ability, as it assumes that the physical being we’re witnessing rhyme universal origin stories while swinging a samurai sword in the desert is the only form Reed has taken. Truth be told, the essence of Killah Priest predates not only hip-hop, but even the English language itself. So when he opens his verse proclaiming, “My millennium years is in the hundreds,” you might as well go with that conceit and watch where it takes you.

Follow the mental-astral projection from The Psychic World of Walter Reed to the Planet of Gods.

• Killah Priest: http://www.killahpriest.com
• Jordan River Banks: https://soundcloud.com/jordanriverbanks
• Scott O’Malley: http://guerillapress.net
• Rusty Rayburn: http://www.rustyrayburn.com

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