♫♪  Kogan Dumb - “Keyser Söze” (prod. by Leavv)

Stop the fucking, like. Look away. No-nahh, keep on fixating that focus on what we like to endure as suspense. There’s nothing more tantalizing than a good thrill. Immerse yourself within the limbo of infinity. Nothing else like but being loved, so what’s the opposite behold. Pure hate on a torture scale that is equivalent to one’s love kiss on the cheek. Humanity at it’s most raw: sex, violence, ego, high, ego? Kogan Dumb in the thick of all that’s hidden for “Keyser Söze” (prod. by Leavv). It’s completely static in the mind of treachery. GODZILLLLAAAAAAAAAa, ‘getcha lyfe!’

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