Kool Keith
“Paradise” feat. Megabone

If I were to list EVERYTHING Kool Keith owns, it’d be… well, the Internet. I mean, anything you can find on the Internet, he owns it. MORE: he owns Lil B. That’s write, ‘cause it’s been written, but Kool Keith wipes his ass with The BasedGod’s pink bandana. It’s not that this is a matter of opinion, but it’s ALL his. And by “his,” I mean Kool Keith. Nobody knows how old he is, either. Fuckin’ could be a vampire for all we know. Probably is a vampire.

It’s just nice to know that all this DIY and indie and hood and corporation and buzz and [etc.] in New York City is all under Kool Keith’s ownership. I can get on that. More-so, I can get on his newest release Demolition Crash out May 27 on 2xCD via Fat Beats. He owns Fat Beats (maybe, not really; no). He owns you (truth). He runs rap. When you hear his ass on the radio, lemme know, ‘cause that’ll be the day Kool Keith is just the CEO of rap. But as of right now, Kool Keith pretty much runs “Paradise” with Megabone as his security and backup.

• Kool Keith: http://www.koolkeith.co.uk
• Fat Beats: http://www.fatbeats.com

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