“Riddells Creek”

Nothing makes me want to move far away from New York as possible and start a space-jam band than Krakatau’s new video for “Riddells Creek.” Insatiably so, the scenery filmed on 2x Arriflex 16SR3 cameras (by director, editor, and producer James Tom) in Riddells Creek, VIC transports me beyond time and reason. Winter just began there. “Riddells Creek” seems perfect for the season. Krakatau is bringing it hard and LIVE here too. Got that appropriately professional credits reel, which is a nice touch. But mostly I love how there’s so much space and so little people! And that retro feel of fashion and sheen. The drums are steadily light and serving up a good “feel it” vibe. Keys go OUT there and wisp around like a lingering spirit of sound. The bass walks around like the “Riddells Creek” ground’s protector: arms crossed and flexed.

Krakatau is poppin’ off their new album Water Near a Bridge July 29 on LP via Trouble In Mind. Grip!!

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