♫♪  Lil B - “California Boy”

Errrybody knows Lil B. Not only because he fucked you/your bitch, but also because he just can’t be ignored. Or properly intellectualized. If you stop following his Twitter or Facebook or YouTube stream for a day or so, then you’re already out of the loop. Which is to say: we’re all out of the loop. Which is also to say: there’s never been a loop — except perhaps for the one the media creates. Today, that Lil B/media loop is back in full force. “Another day, another Lil B track” goes the ancient Chinese proverb, but for Lil B’s latest video, we are treated to a rock song. Yes, Lil B is soon dropping a rock album, and “California Boy” is the first taste. This one’s sure to alienate even the most hardcore fans of The BasedGod, but thanks are in order, regardless: THANK YOU BASEDGOD!

• Lil B: http://www.basedworld.com

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