♫♪  Magnetic Island - “Subterfuge”

Magnetic Island were formerly called Renminibi, and you know what? The Chocolate Grinder digs the name change! The Chocolate Grinder also digs the first song they recorded as Magnetic Island, “Subterfuge,” a track dedicated to friend-of-the-band Joe Graziano, who tragically committed suicide this past spring. The video above was filmed and edited by the band itself.

Meanwhile, Magnetic Island’s debut as Magnetic Island is set for release September 21 digitally and on cassette, the latter of which will be extremely limited — we’re talking 125 copies total in two separate runs. The EP, titled Out at Sea, doesn’t contain “Subterfuge,” but hey, consider this post its “release show” and head on over to New York’s Piano’s on September 16 for the EP’s actual release show. The Chocolate Grinder will probably make its way down there, too, so say hello!

• Magnetic Island: http://myspace.com/magneticislandband

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