♫♪  Miranda Lambert - “Little Red Wagon”

Me: New Melisa (sic) Lambert video on YouTube!

Top Heavy: (no reply)

If Top Heavy were to have replied, I would have said, “So, I’ve been hearing this song on the radio at work for a bit, and now I come to find that there’s a video for it, AND IT FUCKING RULES! I mean, there’s a dog with sunglasses floating on a raft in a pool (so you know I’m game), but there’s also confused privilege, late lip-syncing, nonsensical lyrics, forced toughness (“…I do all the shit you want to do”), stupid belts, deluded sexuality, and so much more!”

Sadly, he hasn’t hit me back, so I went ahead and relayed all my misplaced enthusiasm towards you. Deal with it, ya stinker!

• Melisa Lambert: https://twitter.com/melisalambert5
• Radio Flyer: http://www.radioflyer.com

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