♫♪  MKDSL - “Mikrotonali” (ft. Ruža i Zlata)

An unreservedly stylish video from a Belgrade-based producer is guiding me through the Serbia of my imagination. Striking visuals radiate an unreal quality, even over repeat viewings, as MKDSL and his two companions pose and peer intently amidst scenes of brutalist constructions and shocking-cold rivers. Members of the trio slowly gesture, ease together down spiral steps, maybe make a pact?

Combined factors of language barrier, bleak architectural views, and ghostly costuming conceal any sense or semblance of a deeper narrative from my curious brain, and the work is better for keeping it all uncanny. Lots of fashionable, windswept mystery set to a serpentine, minimal track turning a bit folk-skittery at the end. MKDSL’s many YouTube clips reveal him to be quite the lovable madman, but this video — directed by “photographer / cinematography student” Milica Cvetkovic — occupies a ghostly zone like little else.

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