♫♪  Mock the Zuma - “Territorio”

There’s some space here.

I’m still not familiar with all the ebbs of this border, where the edges to this “Territorio” unify into its frame. All I can see are the cordons, the barriers; bleached-white non-Euclidean concrete. Just part of the landscape but where the landscape starts and ends these days is less clear. Something about this unnatural border, cracked and pockmarked with rust like jpeg artifacts, comes across as robust. I’ve got plenty of space on my side but does it feel as empty on yours? Surely it can’t feel so alien but the difference between space and territory is more than this wall conveys. In the meantime, stuck on my side, I’ll keep to my inferences on origin (re: fault). Paint a piece along the border. Claim some territory, for my own reasons.

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