♫♪  Muuma Wuuno - “Muuma Wuuno in Indianola”

Yo, I was AT this show. TOTAL journalistic cred going because i SAY so. I looked at these visuals for maybe 1/8 of the time. The rest was spent closedeyed in a mind goo melt station parallel parked on the floor of a cold basement where an unloaded shotgun leaned like a cane in a corner next to a TV. Cascading cassettes mixed back and forth. A balloon was popped. Many barnyards were turned away. Bad Ben warped the eyes while the Mustards wreaked supreme.

If you’ve got the time, the entire thing is well worth the watch because it is BRILLIANT. But, if you don’t, put this on in the background if’n you feel like cracking your spine for that last bit of government mind potion and getting the fuck off this rock.

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