♫♪  Mykki Blanco - “Head is a Stone”

Yo, that’s my boi Bobbi-B with the gold hair there on the roof. Holy shit, he been try’na get a gig for a lifetime (26 years) and he finally mad… wait — shit. No, that’s just Michael Quattlebaum stripped from Mykki Blanco. But it makes sense for this “Head Is A Stone” video. It’s raw in an “IIIIIIIIIIIIIII’ve seen’t this kinda stuff before” way. And though most of her music has been more hype-hop creeps, here she’s, as I had said, getting raw. Actually, it’s one of those moments where you see it as raw, but the lyrics on this track are way more tame than her norm. On top of that, this video portrays more than what the song does, which is neat to me since she is a drag performer, thus we need the whole package to understand the aesthetic. Even though she transitions between self and drag-self. Mmm, I love a rule break. So nutritious. Be on the lookout for her new EP Mykki Blanco & The Mutant Angels on UNO NYC and on my mix coming this FriFri. #plug #plug #plug #lawlz #plug

• Mykki Blanco: http://soundcloud.com/mykkiblanco
• UNO NYC: http://www.unonyc.com

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