♫♪  Neana - “Scrub”

On Neana’s Facebook post for “Scrub”, he shares these words:

“that boy is a nothing but a dirtbag,
he is a low down dirty piece of shit,
he is nothing but a mother fucking scrub

also known as a buster”

Is this track a more aggressive attack on scrubs than TLC’s first attack almost fifteen years ago? Or is the track “The Portrait of A Scrub”? Whatever the intention (and maybe it’s both), Neana has succeeded in making something that is club poetry. Literally every Night Slugs and Fade to Mind set and mix released in 2014 has featured like six Neana tracks. “Scrub” is no different, being ripped from Bok Bok’s Resident Advisor set (which also features two other Neana tracks). There’s many reasons for this, but I think it’s mostly because of this club poetry, Neana’s ability to speak in tangible metaphor (through a vocal sample, or some sad melody) in the midst of a really dank kickdrum sequence. The metaphoric satisfaction for “Scrub” has more to do with the title and language around the track, but I would argue that’s precisely what Night Slugs and their affiliates want to create: an artistic universe around the music that is as important as the music itself.

• Neana: https://soundcloud.com/neanatrax

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