♫♪  Nick James - The Hawk

Producer and soundtrack-ist, Nick James is back and in full sonic form with The Hawk EP, including an entire video encompassing the release’s length. That’s right. And if you easily get nightmares and/or are influenced creativity, watch this on the biggest screen in your house. There’s no turning back. The Hawk has you now.

Gaze into endless hallways and fall between infinitely growing skyscrapers. Follow the eye of artificial intelligence. Become the blood once digital and now flowing through you. Lava, lightning, smoke, fire, and completely electrical elements will aura your body with pure imagination. Thus, what do YOU hear while listening to Nick James’ The Hawk EP?

To me, it’s more like a video of dreams I once had, only in compilation form, cropped from the BEST parts. Then there’s this bit where I’m not entirely into the vocals, but the visuals make it appear as though the singer is like this virtual reality video game end-level boss, and I gotta beat him by saving up mana and use it on patience before winning ALL THE GOLD! But I lose in that purple maze there-after, and am turned into The Hawk. I see Nick James and land on his arm. Enjoy an adventure in imagination yourself via the video above!

• Nick James: https://soundcloud.com/nxjames
• Asystems: http://www.asystems.co

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