♫♪  Nocturnal Sunshine - “Take Me There”

Nocturnal Sunshine aka Maya Jane Coles is a shining example of how modern art is at once compartmentalized and, as Lil Ugly Mane wrote (of not just art but the whole world), “a fucking swamp … mutating together.” And of how genre buzzwords can be both a good and bad thing. Case in point: until today I knew absolutely nothing of Maya Jane Coles, even though I’m a fairly well-attuned music blogger (at least, I thought I was) and she’s a hugely popular house music producer whose work was even sampled on Nikki Minaj’s “Truffle Butter” (that “Thinking out loud“ song).

However, because I now know Maya has a “dark and dubby, bass-driven alter ego” and think she is at least aesthetically influenced by Japanese horror, I’m down to dig into her remix-laden Discogs page. Hopefully, what I find there will be as low-end-heavy as this, the first video off Nocturnal Sunshine’s self-titled debut LP coming May 25.

• Nocturnal Sunshine: http://www.nocturnalsunshine.co.uk
• Maya Jane Coles: http://mayajanecoles.com
• The Fashtons: http://www.thefashtons.com

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