♫♪  Not Waving - Umwelt

As a companion to a new LP called Umwelt, Not Waving has released a fat wad of fresh videos on YouTube. There is a video for every single track on the new record, making Umwelt a truly audiovisual piece of art.

From a kung-fu hippie lady dancing to kosmische electro grooves (“Kneecap Ridge”) to rainbow acid-washed footage of oak trees and kickdrums (“Mansfield Underhill”), the optical accompaniment to the record intensifies its psychedelic potency greatly. My favorite part is the transition between the guy who interprets the fuck out of synth jam “Carrizo Plains” and the other guy with paint all over him who interprets the fuck out of post-rock-esque “Nemrut Dagi.”

Buy Umwelt from Ecstatic Records.

• Not Waving: http://notwavingmusic.blogspot.co.uk/
• Ecstatic Records: http://boomkat.com/search?fields%5B%5D=label&q=Ecstatic

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