♫♪  Pearls Negras - “Guerreira”

DAMN! Pearls Negras are like THE hot topic right now, right? I mean, I dunno. Their label, Bolabo Records, has “These girls are HOT!!” quoted on their Twitter page at the top. K. But everybody be covering the trio (Alice, Jeni, and Mari). And I haven’t been reading.

Just wanted to shout out to the three Vidigal, Rio de Janeiro natives, ‘cause in “Guerreira” (translation Warrior), they get frontal. I’m talkin’ ice cream sundae on the floor and it’s all about the ride. Pearls Negras making locale moves. Flavor is licking around corners. Biggie Apple Mixtape available here.

These beats could stop hearts. These gals could out rap your best pal’s free-style. And hot-shots want all up on this cypher, but could never handle this flow.

• Pearls Negras: https://www.facebook.com/pearlsnegras
• Bolabo Records: http://www.youtube.com/user/BOLABOrecords

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