♫♪  PHERN - “samantha”

We’re past closing time and they‘ll open soon. At this point it’s best to just wait out in the truck, nap or stare at the glow-screen, something to pass the time. Or drift into one of those “Golden Slumbers” like “samantha,” where the pickings are slim and in stereo. Welcome to dreamland. The guitars steer like a student driver and a driver instructor in “Dali’s Car.” The exhaust is blowing out some of that gold dust. Buckingham must be having a mellow day.

Hotel docks lack the grandeur of hotel lobbies. Little vision spent behind the scenes down hotel hallways. Down this hallway, they’re dressing up like ghosts and trying their best to turn mundane hallways into something more unearthly. This is one of those trick hallways that gets smaller and smaller. Claustrophobes might want to take the elevator instead.

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