♫♪  Pioneer 11 - “Grumpy Goomba”

If Elon Musk gets his way (and why wouldn’t he?), in a few years we’ll all be living on Mars anyway. Los Angeles duo/spacemen Pioneer 11 have simply cut to the chase, preparing us for the voyage to the next home planet by preemptively colonizing our minds with the sounds of interplanetary travel. And the sounds: they are groovy.

On the video for recent single “Grumpy Goomba,” the Pioneer boys navigate their rocket into a gravity-free zone that’s all sun-spots and double exposures. Burn up some jet fuel, settle in for the long journey ahead, make a vision board of your future terraforming property — and as Schwarzenegger said, “Get your ass to Mars.”

Gravitorium, the debut full-length from Pioneer 11, will be released later in 2017 via LA’s POW Recordings.

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