♫♪  P.O.S. - “Fuck Your Stuff”

Doomtree founding member P.O.S. doesn’t just play guitar; he throws it into a bonfire. He also sets fire to smartphones, which probably makes Steve Jobs cry in his puffy cloud bed up in heaven. The Minneapolis MC’s clip for “Fuck Your Stuff” is very much a riot scene, but it has plenty of humorous touches — the egregious fuzzing-out of any and all logos, playing soccer with a soccer ball (that’s on fire), and a gloomy back-alley party that somehow appears to be taking place during the day and the night.

Be on the lookout for We Don’t Even Live Here, the rapper’s next album, due October 23.

• P.O.S.: http://www.doomtree.net/p-o-s
• Rhymesayers: http://rhymesayers.com

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