♫♪  Powder - “New Tribe”

In the time it takes to read this sentence some artist somewhere has quit their full time job to focus on their art. For artists especially, time is eternally precious, and, speaking from experience, considered risks are usually worth it.

Powder has publicly spoken about her own struggle with balancing practical and creative work and these themes appear again on the video for her new single “New Tribe.” This at-first unsettling but ultimately cheerful video from Tokyo-based animation studio AC-bu follows a high-rise office worker struggling to decide whether or not to send in her resignation letter.

As she wonders what to do, we follow many other phantom resignation letters packed into boxes and carted around town in buggies before the drivers clash with a mob wearing “NO!” hats and holding protest signs against quitting. This imaginary skirmish is revealed to be going on in our office worker’s pink brain and once she reaches a conclusion that rosy mass metaphorically morphs into a peach-faced DJ that brings the joy of dance to absolutely everyone involved. The worker skips to hand in her resignation letter and when she leaves the office building the peach is revealed to be a mask of her own making.

“New Tribe” can be found on the LP/CD combo Powder in Space soon to be released on Beats in Space. It is the first of their new In Space series that explores “dance music’s form and informality.” Powder in Space will include a 4-track LP that includes this and another new Powder track, as well as a reissue of Daphne’s “When You Love Someone (Groove Instrumental)” and an unreleased piece by Samo DJ & The Hidden Operator. A compilation mix CD, including these four songs and many others, will be released alongside the LP. There’s a lot going on with this so please read more about it here.

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