♫♪  PRIMAPARTE / MATATABI - CT004 [Video Tease]

That feeling of being up all night and hearing the morning birds speak and squawk in a language you’ll never understand makes the soul jump and the limbs alive and active again. Same goes for the latest on Cindy’s Tapes. Here we have expertly crafted cuts and groomed beats, by way of PRIMAPARTE and MATATABI. A full range of sources and flips are covered on CT004. Which leads me to the other day, when I was playing this tape at work, when one of my co-workers (shouts out to Chad!) was all like, “This sounds like a porno soundtrack. I like it.” And that got me thinking. Pretty much everything CINDYS TAPES has put out has at least one or two gushy, sweaty boning tracks. And I’m alright with that. It mixes well with the whole being from France thing.

Regional stereotypes aside, get this split in your life, and beat away the blues with some greens and reds.

• PRIMAPARTE: https://soundcloud.com/herr-gusta-sson
• MATATABI: https://soundcloud.com/k-a-n-k-y-u
• CINDYS TAPES: https://cindystapes.bandcamp.com

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