♫♪  Queen Herawin - “Return of the G”

It’s easy to be overshadowed when your brother and rhyme partner is arguably the greatest rapper of all time. That being said, this ain’t Game of Thrones and Queen Herawin didn’t earn her royal title by family decree alone. The lady Juggaknot did indeed first stake her claim to the crown with outstanding solo cuts on The Juggaknots’ disgustingly underrated Love Deluxe Movement mixtape and Use Your Confusion album, but where she then picked up the slack for her brother Buddy Slim as he fell back from rapping to focus on production, she’s now picking up after her other brother Breeze Brewin, who as it turns out will not be the first Juggaknot to release a solo album. Who’d have thunk it, huh?

Alas, no crying over spilled GOAT milk. Queen Herawin reemerges from her cocoon with “The Return of the G,” a song “about coming back to a place of strength of self, power and overcoming obstacles.” For this, the first video off her newly released debut solo album, Metamorphosis, Herawin tapped directors Johwell St. Cilien and Abe Costanza. You can preview the rest of the Metamorphosis via Queen Herawin’s soundcloud page and get the pupa popping for real via Amazon or iTunes.

• Queen Herawin: https://twitter.com/thequeenherawin
• The Juggaknots: https://twitter.com/juggaknots

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