Radical Dads
“Rapid Reality”

The watercolor wonderland that Radical Dads have created in their new video for “Rapid Reality” is pretty delicious to the eyes — and I’m not just saying that because it features a floating pizza. The Brooklyn band recruited artist Katie Armstrong to whip up some visuals for the single (off their recently-released LP of the same name), and the end product is a playful, ever-shifting piece of impressionism, flickering with bright pastels and psychedelic effects. The visuals are often manic, switching from mountains to businessmen in the rain, to floating pizzas, and back again — and though the effects are digitized, you feel like you’re watching one of your elementary-school art projects coming to life. Bright, sunny, and bursting with life, the “Rapid Reality” is every bit as ephemeral — and ebullient — as the title suggests.

• Radical Dads: http://www.radicaldads.com
• Uninhabitable Mansions: http://uninhabitablemansions.com

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