“Trapdoor to Infinity”

Frank Ouelette, the man behind Hobo Cult Records and star of solo project Hobo Cubes, also has a visual enterprise: Moduli TV. Frank made the video accompaniment to an excerpt of Rambutan’s “Trapdoor to Infintity” from the Tidal/Rambutan split LP on Aguirre Records. The montage of abstracted VHS-like visuals follows nicely with Rambutan’s Albany-grown organic noise, while the images look as if they were captured from the inside of a tube television as damaged tape is pulled through a VCR. The frantically moving pixels marry well with the cascading granular signals of Rambutan’s layered processing.

• Rambutan: http://rambutan.bandcamp.com
• Moduli TV: http://modulitv.blogspot.com
• Aguirre Records: http://www.aguirrecords.com

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