♫♪  Ravioli Me Away - “Cat Call”

Everything you have on top of the pasta you can put inside the pasta.”

Ah Ravioli, the most radical of pastas. While those ugly strutting spaghetti strings roll around the pan singing Robin Thicke and sliming together like a fraternity gang bang, Ravioli just chills, mysterious. Ravioli, the edible present with a mystery inside, happiest drizzled in olive oil with a bit of grated cheese. Unpretentious. Gregarious, but not some little hollow sheeple like those mothefucking macaronis. The perfect structure of a square pasta pillow fused with all improvised spontaneity of a mushed up filling. Prepared for hours but rustled up in minutes.

Listen to those mewing synths. Feel each word, like a thrusted upper, cut straight out of “Self Defence for Women and Girls.” Catch that creeping bassline.

I’ve been blasting this tune for a few months now, wondering how it could get any better. A video, that’s how. One with PVC vogueing, bleak post-industrial PowerPoint backdrops, hand sandwiches, and the best use of a can of Boost on record (I’m keeping a record). As the songs joyous coda implodes into a monologue that would have made Polly Styrene proud, I’m left with the taste of something utterly empowering, yet clearly not aimed at empowering me, a bloke by most societal standards and afforded a privileged cat-call free life on that basis. Unlike almost all my women friends, I’ve never had to shout down a prowling arsehole in the street. Here’s an almighty shout-down, with anger and humor alchemised into a uniquely liberatory amalgam. It’s been a long time since a song has left my head in such a feminist tangle, and been such righteous fun.

Ravioli Me Away release The Inevitable Album on August 18 through Good Job Records, followed by a UK tour (also Inevitable).

• Ravioli Me Away: http://raviolimeaway.co.uk
• Good Job Records: http://www.goodjobrecords.com

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