♫♪  Red Velvet - “레드벨벳 ‘Bad Boy’”

Every morning, I pass by SU Hair Salon (헤어샵) at 5:45 AM, and they’ve mute K-Pop videos projected on their front-window, but the screen is always turned off during open store hours:

Although, wtf would a reverse-fade kinda guy like me — white, with a red beard, balding — be going into a Korean hair salon like that? No reason! However, if I did request a bear trim, would I be the definition of Red Velvet’s “레드벨벳 ‘Bad Boy’?” Is balding in my early 30s the individualistic move I’ve been waiting for to completely free myself from the chastity of sociopolitical constructs? Also, doesn’t the balding male-figure fashion-faux pas triple-negative into a positive provide daring iconic transgression? #BadBoy

My brother ain’t balding. Or maybe he be balding, I dunno. But outside my own solo “레드벨벳 ‘Bad Boy’” hard-ass living with a five-finger-four-head, me bro and me gonna soon front a fierce K-Pop duo for 15 minutes soon. Soon as we learn Korean. He’ll PR an individual character style with this video outside SU Hair Salon (헤어샵):

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