♫♪  Samantha Glass - “Return to the Sky Pt. 2”

Hey everyone, time to jam to this new Samantha Glass (Beau Devereaux) video. The jam is simple: keys, bass, swelling voice, tappings, etc. So, what’s the secret to getting on Not Not Fun after Beau’s Mysteries from the Palomino Skyliner LP (NNF226) drops late June/early July? Um, I dunno. Be real real. Feel it all around. Develop a personalized aesthetic. I don’t know. Make simplicity unique. Begin niche interest. Bring a recorder to a second-world country and get “American-unique” on they aces. Maybe grow your hair out and obsess about nature, like our pal Beau Devereaux. Everyone ready for his debut LP?

• Samantha Glass: http://samanthaglass.bandcamp.com
• Not Not Fun: http://notnotfun.com

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