♫♪  Sefff - “Congo (flip)”

After C asked if “YOU even have a YouTube channel??”, I remembered that I do indeed have one of thems, so I moseyed on over and descovered a sweet little treat: the above plastered and framed collage for Sefff’s understated track “Congo (flip)”. Now, the track and video may not seem like much to you at first glance/listen, but give it time. Listen closer. Dig deeper. See… better, I guess.

“Congo (flip)” is off Sefff’s debut album Coats, out soon on BLUEZR’s label SICKONASTY. But when, you ask, when?! Wouldn’t YOU like to know… Ahahahaha!

• Sefff: https://soundcloud.com/sefff
• SICKONASTY: https://sickonasty.bandcamp.com

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