♫♪  Seijiro Murayama - Live in Milan, Italy

Last November, the URSSS fam went to a M^C^O-hosted event in Milan, Italy featuring Seijiro Murayama. The live location looks like an attic or domestic planetarium. Or a green house above the art gallery. Where your parents took you before macrobiotic potlucks. Ultra audible. Sonic acoustics.

I believe Seijiro Murayama. For about the first 12 and a half minutes of Live in Milan, Seijiro is in a complete zone. Then Seijiro turns a snare into a bugle using a bow to vibrate a symbol, ever so slightly touching the snare top.

I feel Seijiro Murayama. Further in, Seijiro rejects sickness and ill with a holistic symbol and mallet, pluming vapor tufts of non-existence into being: once matter is now pure cure. Seijiro Murayama Live in Milan is what I dream of doing in my shower on a “sick day” from work.

Seijiro is 100% sorcerer. There’s Lil B based and there’s Seijiro’s based. All about wind, and it’s all about the wind. Imagine strolling around Milan and Seijiro Murayama is your interpreter. But Seijiro only translates through the art of sound.

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