♫♪  Selvhenter - “New Age”

Magical - Realism, not as flights of fancy, but as contingent forces, both rendered silly by the other.

Circular breathing and rippling huffs. The contours flexing.
Yep, that’s a Trombone.

Selvhenter foreground an interface between a proliferating pedal board and its material antecedents: coarse strings, shining brass, retracting lungs, raised veins.

Part of Copenhagen’s feminist Eget Værelse collective, Selvhenter are trombonist Maria Bertel, saxophonist Sonja LaBianca, violinist Maria Diekmann, drummer Anja Jacobsen and percussionist Jaleh Negari. Here, they enlist artists Sara Laub and Signe Lupnow in a monochrome demonstration of the focused practice and discursive playfulness of Selvhenter’s music.

“New Age,” came out last month as a split single with Dutch DIY punks The Ex. The song is the group’s first release of 2015, following last years wildly engrossing Motions of Large Bodies album.

• Selvhenter: http://www.egetvaerelse.dk/?page_id=30
• Eget Værelse: http://www.egetvaerelse.dk

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