Seth Graham
“Heirloom Sunday”

“Heirloom Sunday” hath cometh. Witness the eyes of infinite beyond. Flicker yourself into the next dimension of being. Have faith in the journey. Follow in the footsteps of pAthakanauts Seth Graham and Charles Barabé. They’ll bring you to the land where nothing stands. Live in the existence of worldly ouroboros. Continue to absorb throughout an eternal atmosphere.

Or, just scope out (my pal) Seth Graham’s “Heirloom Sunday” video (directed by Charles Barabé). It’s one of ten tracks off Seth’s tape Vision Burst on Los Discos Enfantasmes. It’s true prophecy. As is ALL Seth’s works, it’s straight up nothing you’ve ever heard EVER, so you should constantly be listening. The man is of funny/serious purity. He is the kiss on your cheek in the most lavish Creaky Clumsy fashion. He is all the noises that make you smile. So grip on Vision Burst (AND Creaky Clumsy) to see/hear/EXPERIENCE it all.

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