♫♪  Sonmi451 - “Brenta”

Autumn-forest-walk videos seem to be a theme this time of year, and who can blame anybody for that? It’s crisp, it’s clean, and in France it’s probably amazing right now. Mathias Van Eecloo, label head at Eilean Rec., captures on film exactly what I picture in my head when I remember the autumn of my childhood. His new video for Belgian electronic/ambient artist Sonmi451 matches that imagery with mysterious synthesizer drones that lightly hover like the mist of my breath over the natural landscape.

Two POVs simultaneously move deeper into the woods, and to suggest there’s a little bit of a Swiss Army Man-type ending (or, to be a little less flippant, maybe a Southern Reach/Area X kind of thing going on) isn’t such a stretch. Still, the beauty of the countryside and the sheer mood of Sonmi451’s recording is enough to get me all riled up for the release of the Panta Rei CD on November 11.

Gorgeously curated like all other Eilean releases, Panta Rei is map point 99 on the label’s topographical release chart, and, duh, its color coding is “orange/brown/yellow,” because that is just so autumn! I just want to rake up a pile of leaves and dive into it (but definitely not with a wet sucker).

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