♫♪  Stekri - “La Corne Des Lunes”

Stekri and his comrades at the French label Dezordr Records have been quietly breaking genre boundaries with their Session Compilation series for something like five years now. And although they’ve gone mostly unnoticed this side of the pond, their dub-heavy, ethereal, cinematic takes on trip-hop (or instrumental hip-hop or whichever half-baked genre label you prefer) have subtly set the stage for legions of unknowing imitators. A self-proclaimed “ciseleur de boucan,” Stekri is now set to unveil his first full-scale statue, Terres Noires, available February 28 via digital and vinyl. Actually, if the title is any indication (and Google Translate isn’t losing something), then this “muck” might end up being more of an attempt to deconstruct the sculpture in order to reveal the organic materials at its core… or it could just be that filth. Either way, I’m in.

Watch the album trailer for some more not-so-random abstract imagery colored post-apocalyptic by engines, blips, and such.

• Dezordr Records http://www.dezordr.com

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