♫♪  Sun An - “Rest Easy”

Music genres come and go all the time. Some of them leave an audible mark on all the music to come. Others just become short-lived fads with little to offer. Some musicians jump the bandwagons and quickly leave for another one, others just keep doing their thing, unphased by the changing currents. The Californian ambientalist known as simply Sun An is the latter.

On Sun An’s newest album, Ice Cream Memory Card, he keeps doing the most classic ambient meditations one can imagine — lengthy, floating, and about as varied as Bonneville Salt Flats. It’s a prime-time wall of deep relaxation, the kind of music one plays when they wish to stop to exist for a moment and just dissolve into aether. To assist in doing this, Sun An has collaborated with Californian multi-media artist Jennifer Juniper Stratford to create a wonderfully smeared lo-fi video, where abstract shapes and patterns float through one another and slowly shift, as if pushed forward by a lazy generative process reminiscent of the good ol’screensavers.

If you wasted hours as a kid staring at the abstract shapes of screensavers, you’ll love “Rest Easy” by Sun An and Jennifer Juniper Stratford

• Sun An: http://www.sun-an.com

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