♫♪  SUN PACK - “Down”

Fuck your co-workers. Even if there were question of whether or not the content of SUN PACK’s video for “Down” was NSFW, if your co-workers aren’t able to handle just a little bit of nudity or minute exposure, you should probably think about finding a new job and forgetting about working with children. But in complement of that feel you’d get stressing about finding a new job or suppressing that energy making you want to scream, the serenity of “Down” puts a lot of audible contentment into listeners’ third (or maybe fourth) eye, finding an inner calm that’s as reflective, as it is completely motionless water. Like the reflection of a mirror in the most crystal-clear creek bed, or just before the tide rolls into the shore as relaxation embeds within, SUN PACK satiates peace of mind visually and contemplatively in the video of “Down” by hiding in plain sight.

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