♫♪  Sun Pack - “Lagoon”

If you were having trouble getting your lazy ass motivated in the new year, I’d like to direct your attention over to Patient Sounds, who know how to seize that shit the correct way. They’ve announced no less than five new cassette releases promising the unveiling of a “new look” in the process, created this amazing cache for browsing and downloading-at-will (with a BIG DONATE option in there, of course!!), their presses are reportedly on their way to “rolling to a full boil” with the announcement of a new poetry chapbook, and they’re getting ready to let PSV #5 (the label’s fifth vinyl edition to date) rip:

It’s Sun Pack, who is Niki Smith of Fort Collins, CO (with PS co-owner Matthew Sage appearing on a couple of tracks), presenting her long-awaited vinyl debut Head Cabin. “Lagoon” is the lede for the release, a warm, lazy drift along an acid-dipped guitar line and a voice ringing out like orchestra bells at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Some drunken drums sache their way on in there just as the flood of textures really starts to gel and wash out, snapping this very spacey “Lagoon” into a lovely shape. Great video, too, the Colorado-kid-California-dreamin’ thing in full effect, super dizzy, soft, and warm; what we all need right now this very chilly January season.

• Sun Pack: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sun-Pack/221188144745166
• Patient Sounds (Int): http://www.patient-sounds.com

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