♫♪  The Body - “The Ebb And Flow Of Tides In A Sea Of Ash”

New The Body new The Body new The Body new The Body. This should be all you know need to know if you experienced All The Waters of the Earth Turn to Blood in 2010 and lived to tell the tale — and then returned again and again to subject your poor little soul to glorious evisceration (oh my god remember this??). “The Ebb and Flow of Tides in a Sea of Ash” opens the Portland duo’s forthcoming mini-album Master, We Perish — and with it right here before you, it’s time to gird yourself to dive back into the doom-/death-/sludge-/avant-/choir-laden maw. Rumor has it that another full-length is in the pipeline, and if this material is an indication of what to expect, all I can say is “Fuck Yes.”

The Body have maintained an air of mystery and curated the media surrounding their releases with serious attention to detail. The video above is no exception. Grisly images of (what else?) bodies — i.e., corpses; i.e., get ready for some gore — accompany the band’s bewildering guitar tones, throttling drums, and inhuman howls, making the whole experience just the kind of thing to screen for all of your loved ones. I’m sure all of this grainy footage originates from particularly evil criminal events of yore, but this isn’t the kind of thing I’m tryna investigate (“Siri, Google ‘Wiki multiple homicide plus bound in plastic plus cocaine”). It’s cool, The Body did all the work for us and has succeeded in fueling my nightmares for a few more weeks to come. Thanks guys!!

Pre-order Master, We Perish straight from At A Loss Recordings, and keep your eyes and/or all of your skin peeled for more news from The Body soon, I bet.

• The Body: http://www.thebody.bigcartel.com
• At A Loss Recordings: http://www.atalossrecordings.com

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