♫♪  The Wave Pictures - “The Woods (Live at Toe Rag)”

I feel like some kind of indie rock soothsayer. Having just orchestrated a fictional guitar dual between Steph from Shield Your Eyes and David from the Wave Pictures, I happen to stumble upon a new video by the latter. And it really throws down the gauntlet.

“The Woods” is over six minutes long, featuring two bass solos, and one killer guitar solo; the video a tense one-room boiling pot of tape reels, plaid shirts, and wires. The venue? Hackney’s famous Toe Rag Studios, womb of The White Stripes’ Elephant album and many more.

The Wave Pictures have been tenser, tauter, and angrier for a while now. Gone are the days of “The sun came in like a pack of orange spaniels;” instead, we’re taken to a place where our protagonist snarls about how “the fear is bland like English food and warm like English Beer.” It would take me more hours and words than either of us have time for to delve properly into David’s lyrics here, but I cant remember the last time I heard someone sound so simultaneously eloquent and pissed-off.

The band’s new double album, City Forgiveness, comes out on the 21st of October.

• The Wave Pictures: http://www.thewavepictures.com
• Moshi Moshi: http://www.moshimoshimusic.com

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