♫♪  The Yin Yangs - “Life In Space”

The Bushwick trio known to everyone in the neighborhood as The Yin Yangs are finally following up on their last release from back in July of 2013, a collection of live demos titled Cowgirl, with a two-track cassette due to be out in January, and a video for the epic “Life In Space.”

Drummer Alex Fippinger had previously admitted to being on a Spacemen 3 and Sleep kick with bassist Brendan Winick before writing these new songs, but from the sound of it, along with vocalist and guitarist Max Braun, they seem to have comfortably moved on; not only are “Life In Space” and the concise-but-potent “Bees” vastly different from each other in texture, makeup, and scope, but they represent a band confidently growing and expanding beyond the imagined confines of their past material, ready to contribute something to, or produce their very own unique brand of, the as yet unclaimed alternative history of post-space rock.

• The Yin Yangs: http://theyinyangs.com

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