♫♪  Tim Hecker & Daniel Lopatin - “Intrusions”

We got a taste of Tim Hecker and Daniel Lopatin (Oneohtrix Point Never)’s Instrumental Tourist back in September with “Uptown Psychedelia,” and now, thanks to the folks at Software Recording Co., we have a new video for “Intrusions.” The track is one of the album’s more abrasive ones, verbalizing, as they put it, their “mutual infatuations and apprehensions with the systems they’ve both built and are buried by.” And indeed, you can hear Lopatin’s dark new age synths and Hecker’s transcendent tones attempting and sometimes failing to create a new language, the expected result of any good improvisation.

Instrumental Tourist drops November 20 on Software.

• Tim Hecker: http://www.sunblind.net
• Daniel Lopatin: http://www.pointnever.com
• Software: http://www.softwarelabel.net

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