♫♪  Tobacco - “Grape Aerosmith (feat. Beck)”

Maniac Meat, Tobacco’s latest album, was released in May via Anticon. According to Allen Cordell, the video’s director:

When I was given the opportunity to direct the video for “Grape Aerosmith,” I really wanted to make something that worked perfectly with the song, but at the same time was something you wouldn’t normally expect right off the bat. I tried to establish this frustrated guy at work and present it in a playful, docu-drama aesthetic, something akin to The Office. That way, by the time he’s in the woods going insane there’s a pay-off because you don’t see it coming. It makes you wonder about the guy you just met moments before. And by the end, after being confronted by the psychedelic spirits, our protagonist is cleansed, enlightened by the surreal experience. One of the inspirations for this video, aside from the music, was the Japanese horror film Tetsuo the Iron Man, particularly the scenes in the subway when he starts to lose it.

Tetsuo the Iron Man meets The Office. Good lord!

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