“Dream Swim”

And within the Transmuteo services, courtesy of one jDean, digital meditation is not only available, but utilizes cerebral waves to signal affirmative triggers inside your mind’s eyes to positively provide access to goals set for always. “Dream Swim” provides the affirmation to always live your life swimming. Whether you are trans-dolphin or just into floating, “Dream Swim” helps you access the most reassuring water-felt thoughts and emotions one takes upon pensive hours. Sit and believe in the aura you’ve created. Become as real as a dolphin, swimmer, floater, or [even] water, and fade away into the reality of thought. Once you’ve reached the end of this cycle, you’ll notice yourself around the Aguirre nebular of your brain. Don’t fret, it’s all hosted on the pleasant side of Motivational Holography Suite. Reach out. Feel the intangible. Make good buying decisions. Transmuteo’ll hear your brainwaves in-sync with the others when y’all spin it to the core. Your core. Feel. Relax. Enjoy the skin you’re in, as you leave and return with positive enlightenment on multiple axes.

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