♫♪  UZALA - “The Reaping”

Appropriately, UZALA’s first album was released Sunday (February 12th) by At War With False Noise. If you’ve been burning for the first 2012 #1 doom release, melt no further: UZALA is solid. Not sludge-psychedelia and never “epic,” just straight-up marking listeners with impending DOOM. IMO Darcy Nutt’s vocals are way more threatening/provoking than Chad Remains’ end-game growling. They should release their next album entirely on VHS and see what video-art guru Miko Revereza could do with it. Maybe it’ll just be one long torture video of someone being suffocated with honey. Or how about people gardening and a fast forward of plants seasonally dying. Doom is my gardening music.

• UZALA: http://uzala.bandcamp.com
• At War With False Noise: http://www.atwarwithfalsenoise.com

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