♫♪  UZZEE - Evolution [trailer]

London artist UZZEE steps out of line with past rock-influenced rap efforts and has something going strong on his debut EP Evolution. The twenty-two year old second-year-in-fashion-school deep-in-Egyptian-polymathy drops “5th Element.” The track features a grinding production from Mr Carmack under the deep laid confidence of UZZEE. A love of rock in a rap world is common: OG Maco openly channels punk music, 3Stacks is playing Jimi Hendrix in a biopic, rappers are constantly called today’s rock stars, it all makes sense. The way UZZEE incorporates rock and his love of guitar the right way, the not Rebirth. The energy and dirty embedded in “5th Element” conjures up the spirit of stadium-wide power, for UZZEE it’s his motherfucking element.

Watch out for a collaborative mixtape with UZZEE and Long Clothing/BOY London.

• UZZEE: https://soundcloud.com/uzzee_ce
• UZZEE: http://pyramidsofimhotep.com

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