♫♪  Various Artists - “She Knows More Than She Thinks” [teaser]

Let’s not kid ourselves: I am a big fan of L.A.’s consistently dope Not Not Fun label. There has been ZERO objectivity when I approach a new release of theirs. My typical reaction to a new LP or tape goes something like, “Damn, this is blowing my mind right now. And my coworkers all think I’m listening to Taylor Swift!” Even the occasional release that doesn’t quite “do it” for me still gets a pass because, hey, it’s something new to listen to!

As the label closed out 2k14, one of the four (!) tapes or LPs Britt and Amanda put out in December is the ultra-vibed out compilation She Knows More Than She Thinks. The cassette, curated by St. Petersburg’s Galya Chikiss, brings together a handful of Russian and Ukrainian D.I.Y. electronic musicians, and it is most righteous. I’ve got some favorites, including Ladan’s drum and bass jam “Anya Navsegda.” This is some “NNF gold,” as the C Monster (yes, the C Monster) told me.

• Not Not Fun: http://www.notnotfun.com

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