♫♪  Virginia Trance - “Something in the Air”

Helllll yeah, my boi Scott Davis ripping through rays of music sunlight with Virginia Trance. Sometimes you gotta go hill-side without some shoes and just stare into the oblivion of American. But it’s all shaded with them ultra protective lenses you cooled yourself with back at the last Quik-Mart. Now go forth and forage the uncharted road ahead. Find out where it leads.

Up the pathway, there’s “Something in the Air,” and it’s a heavy scent. It’s unlike anything you’ve whiffed before, but it smells spiritual. As if you were ascending the holiest of mountains. It’s it possible you’re only
7-inches from paradise? What do you plan on asking the guru that sits at the top?

Ima ask him if he snagged a second copy of Virginia Trance’s 7-inch release on Holy Mountain, and when he’s planning on giving it to me for pure spin peace. Scope the video for “Something in the Air,” and smell them chopped up fresh flowers, y’all!

• Virginia Trance: http://virginiatrance.bigcartel.com
• Holy Mountain: http://www.holymountain.com
• Intercoastal Artists: http://intercoastalartists.blogspot.com

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