♫♪  Wei Zhongle - “Fortunate 2”

Take Blueberry Boat, mix it with Here Comes The Indian, add a dash of NIPOMO, and you’ve got that Wei Zhongle sound for “Fortunate 2.” And this video is hilari too. Totally syncopating this post-kosmische tribal jam with varying bodies being rhythms, images in hats, and OMG the rain. I can’t stop. Transferal of energies into the unknown. Figures and fires and leafy greens. Unforeseeable directions. I’m not even sure if I’m writing about the music anymore, or the video.

Wei Zhongle drops their newest album Nu Trance this April 21 on LP via Hairy Spider Legs and on CS and digital via NNA Tapes. Scope their video above and keep your eyes peeled for the real!

• Wei Zhongle: https://weizhongle.bandcamp.com
• Hairy Spider Legs: http://www.hairyspiderlegs.com
• NNA Tapes: http://nnatapes.com

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